What is a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer?

Jim Whitesell is the lead photographer at Alberta Business Photos and as a trained and certified Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, produces unique and compelling virtual tours for businesses in Edmonton and across Alberta.

Google Street View Trusted Edmonton
Jim has been trained, tested and certified by Google to create impressive virtual tours for businesses of all sizes throughout Alberta.

As a Certified Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, he is able to fulfill all steps of getting a virtual tour published in Google search results, Google maps, and a business’ Google+ Local page:

  1. Planning the tour with the business owner or manager to most effectively showcase the business with a fascinating and attractive walk through tour. We’ll include only what you want!
  2. Producing hundreds of images using proprietary Google Street View technology and Google-specific photographic equipment from which the 360-degree virtual tour will be created
  3. Photographing several still views inside and outside the business that will compliment the tour. The best professional still photos are created for your use and published on Google, too. They include an exterior view, interior view, pictures featuring the decor, as well as merchandise and product highlights.
  4. Creating the panoramic images after the shoot is complete, then merging them all together into a fun, engaging tour of the business
  5. Publishing the final product – including the tour and still photos – at Google, so they can appear in Google search, Google maps, and the business Google+ Local page.
  6. We’ll train you (or your social media person) in the best ways to make sure Google knows as much about your business as possible, so Google can deliver your business information to prospective customers when they are looking for you.

The published tour is not only viewable using a regular desktop or laptop computer, but also on all iOS, Android, and Windows smart phones and tablets. Now that so many people search and make buying decisions with a mobile device, it is critical that your tour and photos be available at the precise time they are ready to buy!

Make your Business Look its Best.

Jim goes much further than the Google-required minimums.

His decades of experience as a top commercial photographer and the best professional equipment combine to provide his clients with the absolute best quality, period. His tours are the sharpest, clearest possible, and the still photographs are top commercial quality [examples].

In fact, many clients have discovered that the cost of this caliber of still photography alone would usually cost more than they’ve paid for the Google tour and stills together.

The tour and photos make the business really stand out in Google search results, like this:
See inside google tour Edmonton

Contact us today to find out how a Google virtual tour can increase your own visibility online and bring more business through your door.