Our Still Photography

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While the Google Street View style virtual tour is the key component of the Google Street View | Trusted product, we can also create several professional quality still photographs of your business. You receive full resolution files and complete ownership of these images so you can use them in your own advertising.

Our still photography is the highest quality professional imagery available; vivid, sharp, clear, and inviting.  High end photography is critical to showcase your business and products at their best. You won’t find better commercial photography anywhere.

Perfect verticals: When photographing wide views in buildings (typical for business interiors), it is accepted practice to use a wide angle lens. Most photographers are happy with that, but we aren’t. A common problem is the vertical lines in the picture (walls, doorways, windows, etc) aren’t straight.

Using our advanced techniques and specialty equipment designed for proper image perspective, we avoid the pitfalls seen in the work of less skilled photographers. Your interior and exterior photographs will look like they came out of a glossy architectural magazine.

Amazing Sharpness: We shoot with the highest quality Canon “L” series professional lenses and use full frame Canon cameras for all our still photography. With 50% more image area, we are able to capture stunning detail and sharpness. Since you’ll own full rights to the still photographs included in your Google Street View | Trusted package and have full resolution files, you’ll be able to use them for anything you can imagine, even billboards!

Perfect Colour, Perfect Exposure: Our years of professional photography insure that you’ll end up with powerful, colourful images that go well beyond what one gets when using a consumer grade camera on automatic. We won’t go into all the details of what we do to create such amazing images, but will let our work speak for itself.