Google Maps Street View | Trusted Edmonton

Since the Google Maps Street View | Trusted project was launched in 2011, many Edmonton businesses have discovered the benefits of adding this to their marketing mix. Some of the comments we hear from clients reveal the power of having a Google Street View virtual tour on Google properties and on their own websites:

“Within two weeks of having the tour up, we had new customers come in and spend way more than the entire cost of this. They said they came in because the inside tour allowed them to see what we had.”

“This sets us apart from everyone else!”

“The cost was cheap, and it’s amazing there are no ongoing costs. This thing is permanently online with the cost of one shoot.”

“We plan to update our tour seasonally to keep it fresh – it’s a great tool to increase sales!”

We’ve got some unique promotional ideas we’ll share with you before we produce your tour, so you can decide how to maximize the effectiveness of this great tool. Call or email us today to book your tour.