Google+ Business Pages Can Now Interact with Anyone

Since one of the requirements of Google Street View | Trusted is claiming your business’s Google+ page, we’re very interested in new ways to use our Google+ business page more effectively.

The Next Web reports in this recent post that our business pages on Google+ can now +1, share, and comment on posts made by anyone – even those who are not already following you.

This update which allows greater interaction from a business’s corporate page is a significant one since it will let Business Page accounts build their follower bases in a much more strategic and proactive way. Commenting and sharing on someone’s post will expose your business page to an entirely new group of people, and hopefully, some of them will check out your page.

The other good news also mentioned in the story is that Analytics is coming for Google+ business pages – this is fantastic, and will allow owners to really see what is happening with their visitors. As Google states on their Google+ for business page:

“…in the coming weeks we will be launching tools to give you access to as much data as possible about your Google+ page and +1 activity: who’s interacting with your page and how; your users’ demographics; and info about their social activities like +1’s, shares and comments — all to help you learn how social campaigns affect your bottom line.”