Frequently asked questions

What happens during a typical shoot?

Your Google Trusted Independent Photographer will visit your site with specialized equipment to photograph your business interior. The photographer will go over the final details and get a signature. The photographer will take full payment for the shoot. The photographer will quickly and unobtrusively finish a general shoot in about an hour.

What are the costs?

There is a very low one-time cost based on the physical size of the business to be photographed – square feet, number of rooms, floors, etc. That’s it!. There are no recurring Google hosting fees.

The cost includes our Google Trusted Photographer coming to your business location, conducting the photoshoot, preparing the 360-degree virtual tour and the still images, publishing them to your Google+ page, Google Maps, and Google Search results, and then providing the still images to you.

Please call or contact us for pricing so we may provide you with the most accurate estimate for your business. The only cost you may incur in the future is if you request a re-shoot because you changed or added something and you would like your tour updated. Updated interior tours are popular as Edmonton area businesses often change their decor for summer and winter.

Will employees or customers be in the photos?

It is Google’s policy to blur the faces of people caught in a panoramic (360-degree view) image. All “Featured” still photos will not have any people in them, blurred or not.

Do I personally get any pictures?

Yes. We you have us also create still photographs to go with your tour, business owners are transferred full rights to the individual pictures taken. These photos will be delivered at full resolution to the business owner.

Do I get to review the images before they get uploaded?

No. Due to post-processing requirements, photo review prior to publishing on Google is not possible. However, if there is an issue with an image you can request it be removed or blurred once the photos are live.

Where will my Google Street View | Trusted 360-degree Interactive Virtual Tours be published?

Google publishes your interior street view type virtual tours on Google search results, Google Maps, and your Google+ Local listing.

You can also include your virtual tour in your own website, on your facebook page, etc.

Can I use the tours / photos elsewhere?

Yes! Your tours and photos can also be added to your company web site, as well as social sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

What other photography is available?

Whitesell Photography can provide additional commercial and family photography, such as:

  • Portraits of the owner, manager and/or staff, perfect for marketing and promotional use
  • Architectural photography of your facility
  • Product photography for website, catalogs or advertising
  • Family portraits as gifts for staff or important clients

Please visit our general photography website at to learn more about our extensive photographic services.

We can also create, update and manage your Google+ page and website.

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