How to Add your Google Virtual Tour to Facebook

We always provide our clients with a simple way to add their virtual tour to a facebook tab in one click. It couldn’t be easier!

If you need to do-it-yourself, here’s a guide to adding your virtual tour to a Facebook tab the manual way:

First, you need to add a tab that allows HTML. While logged into Facebook, navigate to the Woobox App and install it. This allows you to paste HTML content into a tab.

After you click the green “Install Page Tab” button, you can select which page this tab will be installed in and then you need to authorize the tab application:

Now open a new browser window and go to your Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour how you normally would. Navigate to the place in the tour you want to start from.  Click on the “chain link” icon in the top left corner for embed options. Click “customize and preview embedded map.” Set the custom width/height to 800 x 600. Copy the embed code.

Now go back to your facebook tab page and paste the code from your Google Street View | Trusted embed into your Woobox custom facebook tab.  Name your tab as desired. Save changes.

That’s it! Visit your facebook page and view your tab. This is what is looks like: Edmonton Google Virtual tour posted on facebook